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Recital 2014


 Dance Recital 2104 Joy To The World Sunday May 18th Count Basie Theater

Rumson Show (Including all Junior and possibly Senior  Team)
Act I 11AM
Act II 12:30PM
Act III 1:45PM
Fair Haven  Show (including all Senior Team
Act I 4:15pm
Act II 5:30pm
Act III 7pm
Times are approximate
We are so excited to present our 13th annual recital at the Count Basie!  Dance is a performance art, and the recital is like our big game! Our teachers have worked hard choreographing routines that reenforce basics, introduce new skills, and provide an opportunity to develop performance skills.  Our dancers have worked so hard this year and are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to do want dancers do – PERFORM!!

Reminder – The last day of classes is May 24th!  No classes May 12-17.


Photo Days are May 12 (Rumson), May 13 (Junior and Senior Team) and May 16 (Fair Haven)  Mini Team and Acro attend pictures on their studio days.  The photo schedule will be posted early May.

Tickets -

By popular vote, Kick is continuing online ticket sales this year!!  All tickets will be sold through Count Basie.  Please remember the Rumson and Fair Haven shows are separate tickets, but your ticket is good for all 3 acts in your show.  The Count Basie is a very well laid out theater – there is not a bad seat in the house!!  The BEST way to purchase tickets is through the Count Basie website. options are in person at Count Basie or by phone .  Please KNOW which who your child is in (Rumson  or Fair Haven  – the act does not matter!) before you buy your tickets!!   Daddy Daughter will be added to the list once registration closes.  Count Basie will not have this information. 

Ticket sales dates and time TBD (I am planning on the week of April 28th after all spring breaks are over)

Tickets can be bought in person, on the phone, or online (preferred


Tan Revolution  Tights are required for ALL dancers who’s costumes are  shorts, tutu, dress or a skirt.  We have switched to Revolution dark Tan Stirrup tights for all classes except for our classes for dancers under age 6 (except for competition team dances Mr Postman, Mario Bros, and Boots).  These classes will continue with footed tights.  Stirrup tights are worn over jazz shoes, but tucked into tap or hip hop shoes. 
Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsals are at Count Basie and are mandatory for all performers. Parents are not permitted to watch dress rehearsal. Pick up and drop off is in the side alley (performers entrance). A Kick staff member will escort your child in and out of the performers entrance/exit. 

Rumson Show dress rehearsal Wednesday May 14th

Act 1 3:30-5PM,

Act 2 5-6:30PM

Act 3 6:30-7PM  (Team Kick only needs to rehearse act 1 and act 2 dances.  Solo duo trio are by request only) 

Fair Haven Show dress rehearsal Thursday May 15th

Act 1 3:30-5PM

Act 2 5-6:30PM

Act 3 6:30-7PM  (Team Kick only needs to rehearse act 1 and act 2 dances.  Solo duo trio are by request only)

Show Day

Please bring water and a book to read. Coloring books and crayons are nice too! NO FOOD ALLOWED BACKSTAGE (Except in Team only dressing rooms – and no peanuts please!!) (we don’t want stained costumes….and we also have young children with multiple food allergies)  Please do not bring valuables (like jewelry or ipods…..things get lost backstage) Parents are not permitted backstage,so please send your child with all costumes at arrival time. Drop off is at the same side alley entrance. A Kick staff member will escort your child into the performers entrance.  All dancers will be dismissed from the Stage right (audience left) side inside the theater.

Rumson show -

Act 1 and Team may arrive at 10:30AM
Act 2 Should arrive at 12
Act 3 should arrive at 1:15

Fair Haven Show

Team Kick (Jr/Sr) and dancers in Act one with multiple changes should arrive at
Performers in Act I only should arrive at 3:30-3:45
Performers in Act II only should arrive at 4:45 (please no earlier)
Performers in Act III should be backstage at 6:45

***Moms of performers 4 and under – Your child will be under special supervision (by Vanessa’s mom Janet) You may stay for dress rehearsal,, but you don’t have to. Due to Count Basie security, your child will need to remain backstage during the performance.

Hair and Makeup Instructions for all dancers!

All dancers need to wear their hair in a NO PART bun for photos (Dancers left!), dress rehearsal and for the show. Bangs must be pulled back. Remember to part hair on the left before making the ponytail. Hairnets make Buns easy!! Especially for short hair!  Donuts or “Hot Buns” and highly recommended for a super cute bun!
Bun Instructions if not using a donut.  If using a donut -you tube or any teacher at kick can show you quickly as it is so easy!!
1. Pull the hair back into a ponytail in the center of the back of the head, use water/gel to secure any stray hairs if needed. Smooth out any bumps with a brush or comb, then secure with an elastic band.
2. If the hair is particularly thin, teasing, or back combing the pony tail can add volume to the bun.
3. Twist the ponytail until it is like a long rope, plaiting is also good for long thick hair. Start to coil the rope around the base of the ponytail, pinning along the way. French pins (the ones that look like V’s) are better at holding the bun than bobby pins. When inserting pins don’t poke them straight in, poke them through the hair outward, then flip them to poke back into the base of the bun. This will ensure the pins don’t fall out.
4. Place the hairnet over the coiled bun. Secure in place with French pins.
5. Spray with hair spray to prevent loose strays getting out of place.


Dancers  need to wear black or grey eyeliner, black mascara, tan or brown eyeshadow, pink blush or bronzer, and pink/red lipstick. No other colors please! Makeup must be applied at home and is required for both dress rehearsal and the show. Makeup for photos is recommended for teens only….but a little lipstick is fine!

Tights and Bodyliners  Tights are required for all dancers in skirts, tutus, or shorts.  REVOLUTION TAN TIGHTS (available at Kick!) are required to maintain a uniform look.  Please purchase by MAY 1st!! Order forms are available at Kick (they also came with your costume!) Tights are $14. Bodyliners are suggested for dancers with multiple costume changes (they are not needed for 1 or two changes) Bodyliners are $30. (Same order form as tights). We will be using Revolution tights next year as well…so keep them after the show!!!

Costume Sewing
Some manufacturers require a little finishing work (straps, arm bands) to ensure a perfect fit. If your child’s costume requires sewing….please sew it! Tying straps could lead to a dancers top falling off on stage (never happened at Kick…but I have heard awful stories from other teachers!) Pinning could also have tragic results….hard to dance while being jabbed with a pin! If you cannot sew, the Rumson Dry Cleaners has a great seamstress (but plan ahead…she gets really busy!)

Fall Class Registration for current students starts  May 20th  Register early, because classes fill quickly!  New students may register starting July 1st


 Order of the show! (subject to change)  If you cannot find your child’s dance please ask us!

Rumson Recital Act 1 (2014) 11PM
Spice Girls Mix – Vanessa Berry and Samantha Mazza — Hip Hop (Sapphire)

What Goes Around Comes Around — Erin Beattie –  Adv Emerald Hip Hop
Please Mr Postman — Vanessa Berry –  Mini Team Jazz/Musical Theater
Happy — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis –  Hip Hop (Pearl)
If My Friends Could See Me Now Tuesday Ballet tap Combo Katie Kurklemis
lollipop — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis –  Shining Star Dance Sampler B
Once Upon a December — Deidra Wycoff — Super Star Ballet/Tap IC

Wings — Vanessa Berry — Jazz 3(Emerald)
Zippety Doo Dah — Kaitlyn Kurklemis — Twinkle Star Princess Ballet IC
The Nutcracker — Samantha Mazza — Ballet I/IIA (Pearl)

Snowflake Variations Pearl Wednesday Ballet Amanda Pyne
Determinate — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis — Jazz 1
Bushel and a Peck – Superstar Ballet/Tap Combo Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
Monsters — Erica Martucci — Monsters
Who’s Afraid? — Vanessa Berry — Who’s Afraid?
Can’t Hurry Love — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis –  Tap II/III Emerald
Nicest Kids in Town — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis –  Triple Threat
Live While We’re Young — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis — – Shining Star Ballet/Hip Hop
Frozen — Vanessa Berry –  Jazz IA
Teen Beach Movie — Vanessa Berry

Rumson Recital Act 2 (2014) 12:15PM

Life’s A Happy Song — Vanessa Berry
Sapphire Jazz Gabrielle Winters
Boots are Made For Walking — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis –  Mini Team Jazz/Hip Hop
Marching On — Gabrielle Winter — Emerald Rockette Kickline
Rise and Shine — Vanessa Berry — Twinkle Star Dance Sampler IA
A Lovely Night — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis — Shining Star Dance Sampler
Mmmm Bop — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis — Superstar Hip Hop I B
Love Story/Thug Story — Gabrielle Winter — Ballet/Hip Hop Combo A
Forget About The Boy — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
Uptown Girl –  Deidra Wycoff
Would’nt it be Nice — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis — Shining Star Princess Ballet
Roar — Laura Donlon — Laura Donlon — Shining Star Princess Ballet A
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go — Kaitlyn Kurklemis — Jazz II/III
Midsummer Nights Dream — Amanda Pyne — Adv Emerald and Ruby Ballet
Smile — Samantha Mazza
One Life — Erin Beattie — One Life
Give a Little — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis  — Jazz I
Gonna get Over You – Gabrielle Winter Sapphire Jazz
Wide Awake — Deidra Wycoff
Be My Baby — Samantha Mazza
Beat — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis –  Hip Hop IIB
Dare you to move Gabrielle Winter Sapphire Ballet Tuesday

Keep Your Head Up – Vanessa Berry Pearl Jazz

Brave –  Deidra Wycoff — Jazz III (Pearl 2/Sapphire I)
Queens of the Disco — Samantha Mazza and Vanessa Berry

Rumson Act 3
Mother Knows Best — Erin Beattie — Erin Beattie
Can You Do This? — Marcy Ryan
Lion King — Erica Martucci — Erica Martucci
Don’t You Call This A Regular Jam  – Deidra Wycoff — Hip Hop and Break dancing for BOYS
I’m Cute — Erin Beattie
Royal Fun — Laura Donlon — Twinkle Star Princess Ballet B
Instagram — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
Apple Tree — Michelle Tolson
Bubble Gum Boy — Erin Beattie
Supercali — deidra wyckoff
Let’s Get Ready to Rumble — Vanessa Berry
Never Grow Up — Amanda Pyne
Rock Your Soul — Amanda Pyne
Step Sisters Lament — Vanessa Berry
It’s All About Me — Deidra Wyckoff
That’s Not My Name — Erica Martucci
Popular — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
My New Philosophy — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
Something to Dance For — deidra wyckoff
Walk the Dinosaur — Marcy Ryan
Fame —  Deidra Wycoff
The Oath — Erica Martucci
Perfect Day — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis  – Ballet/Hip Hop Combo
Dream a Little Dream of Me — Vanessa Berry

Fair Haven Act 1 (2014)4:15PM
Hey Good Lookin — Vanessa Berry
Count On Me — Gabrielle Winter — Adv Ruby/Emerald Contemporary
Fireworks — Dawn Mazzeo — Twinkle/Shining Star Princess Dance Sampler
Happy Feet — Megan Talty — Superstar Ballet & Tap Combo
Stay –  Deidra Wycoff — Diamond 3 Hip Hop
Put on a Happy Face — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis — Musical Theater Jazz (Ruby)
Make Em Laugh — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis –  Musical Theater Dance
Groove is in the Heart — Erin Beattie
Man Like That — Erin Beattie
Lullabye Erin Beattie
Best Song Ever — Vanessa Berry — Hip Hop Enrichment AM
Blue Ribbon Bunny — Vanessa Berry — Twinkle Star Dance Sampler
Halo/Walking on Sunshine — Megan Talty — Ruby Contemporary
Here Comes The Sun — Suzanne O’Reilly — Ballet II/Lyrical Combo
Under the Sea — Erica Martucci
Suit and Tie — Erica Martucci — Advanced Tap
State of Emergency Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
Three Little Birds Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
Schools Out — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis — Hip Hop II
Candyman — Suzanne O’Reilly — Twinkle Star Princess Ballet I
Bring it On — Vanessa Berry and Erin Beattie

Fair Haven Act 2 (2014) 5:30PM
A Little Party — Charles Lawrence
Don’t Break the Rules – Vanessa Berry
Business of Love — Erin Beattie
Someday My Prince will Come — Vanessa Berry — Superstar Ballet I/II
My Favorite Things — Lindsay Sokol — Superstar Princess Ballet I
Teen Beach Movie – Vanessa Berry
Puppet Master — Erica Martucci
Whodunit? — Vanessa Berry — Hip Hop I/II
Happy — Samantha Mazza — Tap/Jazz Combo
Princess Things — Dawn Mazzeo — Twinkle Star Princess
Goes Without Saying — Deidra Wycoff — Hip Hop (Diamond 1/2)
Good Time — Suzanne O’Reilly — Super Star Ballet/Hip Hop
Grace — Lindsay Sokol — Teen Contemporary/Lyrical
Detention — Lindsay Sokol — Hip Hop II/IIIA
Animaniacs — Deidra Wycoff
Your Song — Samantha Mazza
Walking on Sunshine — Dawn Mazzeo — Superstar Ballet/jazz combo II
Super Mario Bros — Vanessa Berry — Mini Team Hip Hop
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun — Lindsay Sokol — Contemporary II/III
500 Miles — Samantha Mazza
Revolting Children — Vanessa Berry
Don’t Stop the Party Megan Talty Hip Hop I/II
Walking on Sunshine — Kaitlyn Kurklemis — Superstar Hip Hop I/Enrichment
The Time — Deidra Wycoff — Advanced Teen Hip Hop performance
Catching Fire — Vanessa Berry and Samantha Mazza

Act 3 7PM All Ruby and Diamond Solo, Duo and Trio
Fair Haven Act 3 (2014)
Extra Extra — Erin Beattie
Wake Me Up — Erin Beattie
I Love Vogue — Erin Beattie
Love Some More –
You Ready? — deidra wyckoff
Circus — Erin Beattie
Goodbye Song — Samantha Mazza
Wanted — amanda pyne
Drop Dead Beautiful — Erin Beattie
Wonder — Michelle Tolson
The History of Wrong Guys — Kaitlyn Kurkemelis
My Immortal — amanda pyne
Stuff Like That There — Marcy Ryan
I Hope I Get It — deidra wyckoff
Piece of My Heart — Erin Beattie
Momma Knows Best — Erin Beattie
Dancing — amanda pyne
Another One Bites the Dust — deidra wyckoff
Stop Sign — deidra wyckoff
The Scientist — Erin Beattie
Cry — Samantha Mazza
Bridge Over Troubled Water — Erin Beattie
Anything Goes — Erin Beattie -
Divas! — Erin Beattie
Let There Be Love — deidra wyckoff
I Wanna Dance with Somebody — Erin Beattie