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Team Kick at Disney !Team Kick

Keep up the GREAT work TEAM Kick!!  Love all of you!!

We are already having an attendance issue on Thursdays.  Please note that only 1 absence is permitted for the year (barring major illness or if your spring break does not match ours).  We are competing earlier than ever this year and we MUST have everybody there!!

Checklist!  An organized dancer is a happy and successful dancer!!

1. dance shoes , body liners, and tights!!  Please be sure you have the new style jazz shoes (purchased after August 2013!!)  Still need tights?  Please purchase Monday or Tuesday in Rumson! (Child Large arrives Tuesday!)
2. Team Makeup Kit (if you forgot to order…http://www.bastar.com/product_p/zkfd14.htm) , Ruby Woo Lipstick, Black eyeliner (I recommend MAC brand) and Mascara (again MAC or L’Oreal)
3. Hair Donuts, Bobby Pins, gel, brush hair bands, and hairspray (The strong hold type)
4. A list of the order of the show (print from the website) as well as a number order of your child’s dances
5. Costumes organized and accessories in well labeled ziplock bags. Please organize asap!!!

Concerned about breaking out from stage makeup?  here are a few tips (and great habits for our younger dancers!!!)
1. Use a good moisturizer as a base under all makeup (I love Neutrogena products for teens:)
2. Purchase a quality base (I love Mineral based makeup as it does not clog pores….MAC makes a great one)
3. As soon as you finish your last dance, head to the ladies room and wash your face well (Cetaphil is a wonderful gentle cleanser) and follow with toner and Moisturizer.  Never sleep with makeup on!!

Bodyliners are worn UNDER tights!!  Stirrups go OVER jazz shoes, but INSIDE Hip Hop shoes.  All acro dancers MUST wear foot undies (from Kick so we match!!)


Unless your dance is listed as an exception for hair due to a hat or headpiece, all dances will wear the Donut bun.  For competition we may have time for some fun hair changes…we will let you know!!
Base – for teens only and you can provide your own (I LOVE the MAC Mineralize!!)
Makeup – Eyes - Use the middle (lightest) color all over the lid.  The Medium Brown goes in the crease and extends to the corner of the eye.  Black eyeliner goes on TOP AND BOTTOM CORNER of eyes, Dark brown shadow goes over eyeliner and in crease. The gold glitter highlights under the brow.  Mascara
Cheeks  – Raspberry blush (did you switch yours?  If your blush is terra cotta, please bring it back to RUMSON kick for an exchange!!) And clear glitter highlighting cheekbone
Lips -  use lip pencil that came with kit and MAC ruby woo lipstick.

Thursday April 10th

Dance moms, shoes and tights list!!  Dances with no mom listed should be fine on their own (unless anyone wants to volunteer!!! :)  Hair is a HIGH donut bun unless otherwise indicated.

Pearl Dances
Monsters Patricia Lordi/Nancy Freeman Hip Hop shoes ponytail
Smile Bridget Polloway Jazz shoes
Who’s Afraid? Christina Sack Hip Hop shoes
Be My Baby Josephine Lindgren Jazz Shoes
Forget About the Boy Jennifer Bruno Jazz Shoes

Instagram Tara Heal Jazz Shoes ponytail
Teen Beach Movie Jenifer Ganun (Towels) Liz DiPaolo (Boogie Boards) Arleen Byren (Beach) Balls) Jazz Shoes  Hair – Bikers – Tease a center section of hair in the front beehive style, pin in back and pull rest of hair into a high ponytail. Surfers – Tease a center section of hair in the front beehive style, pin in back and pull rest of hair into  2 low pigtails.  Please be ON TIME!!  There are a LOT of you to check costumes and warm up!!

Life’s a Happy Song Heather Pappas (hair bow in fromt of bun) Character Shoes
Queens of the Disco Jenny Lucci Jazz Shoes
Think Kathy Merton Jazz Shoes
Wide Awake Lynn Dalfanzo Foot Undies
Uptown Girl Sandy Papa Jazz Shoes
Dream  A Little Dream of Me Mee mee :) (costume coming Friday!!) Jazz Shoes
Midsummer Nights Dream Dawn Marie Ciardiello PINK footed tights (to be provided this week) and Pink canvas Ballet Shoes
What Goes Around Comes Around Melissa Nejame Hip Hop Shoes
Can’t Hurry Love Tori Mc Andrews (headband needs bobby pins!!) Tap shoes
Count On Me Michele Thompson (Flower on dancers right next to bun) Foot Undies
Don’t Break the Rules – Low ponytail for hats Jazz Shoes

Revolting Children Bennett Coleman (Chairs!!) Jazz Shoes
Animaniacs Marion Carolan Hip Hop Shoes High Ponytail
Business of Love – Debi Demscak Jazz Shoes
Your Song Carrie White and Kristine Sheftel (Only one mom is needed per event) Foot Undies
Superheros Heather Boyle Hip Hop Shoes

500 Miles – Foot Undies
Catching Fire -Amy Boak Foot Undies  Please note that in order to give you time to change for Bring it On you are going on at 9 sharp.  DO NOT FOLLOW PROGRAM and be ready to go at 8 for a full warm up!!  You are FIRST so please DO NOT push the time!!  Daylight savings!!
Bring it On Jennifer Sullivan (Red bow centered on bun) Hip Hop Shoes/Jazz Shoes
Man Like That  FISHNET tights (to be provided this week)
Hey Good Lookin Coco Forester Character shoes High ponytail
Groove is in the Heart Jen C (Jordans Mommy!) and Cathy Alescio Jazz Shoes braid under wigs and pin front of wig
A Little Party – Megan Pelino FISHNET tights (to be provided plus hair accessory pinned on dancers right side) Hip Hop Boots
One Life  Kim Lane Jazz Shoes
Lullabye Foot Undies
Stay Hip Hop Boots hair 1/2 up 1/2 down
Goes without Saying Hip Hop Shoes mime makeup (Vanessa Deidra and Janet)

Under the Sea Jen Anderson (very high ponytail and fish headpiece  gets rubber banded to hair plus bobby pins) Foot Undies
Lion King Sharon Mick Foot Undies teased high ponytail (Do not over tease as some kids have more dances and have to get hair back in a bun)
The Puppet Master -Foot Undies Hair

Abby, Emma K, Jenna M, Katie Donut bun top of head angled to right side
Nikki, Chapin, Emma W, Cami, Hannah, Sammie L – Low bun
Jessie, Avery, Annie, Jane Pigtails

Mini Team
Walk the Dinosaur Betsey Werner Jazz Shoes
Super Mario Brothers  Alison Ross and Braceland Hip Hop Shoes Hair in a Low Ponytail for all but Peach, show should wear the donut bun.
Boots are Made for Walking Justine Kane Jazz Shoes
Please Mr. Postman Saguit Saad Jazz Shoes  Low ponytail though the back of the hat.  Hats MUST be bobby pinned on!!

NEW!!  Camp dates 2014!

Pearl (New to Junior Team) Sapphire and Emerald 1 August 11-14

Emerald 2, Ruby, Diamond August 25-28

 10 Tips
To get the most out of dance
To be the best dancer, you must learn how to be a smart student. The following are tips to help you better
understand basic classroom rules. These rules are designed to give you more time for dancing and improving instead of
wasting your time on non-dance related actions. By maintaining a professional attitude in every class, you will learn a
very important lesson of dance, self control. With self control, you can accomplish anything! You will instantly feel,
look like, act like and BE a dancer!
Dance is like a game; to know how to play, you need to learn the rules. Rules explain how to reach your goals. A game
is only fun when everyone knows how to play. Without rules, no one would know what to do or how to win. People who
do not follow the rules in a game are cheaters, and the person who is cheated most by not following the rules is the
cheater themselves. Learn the rules and follow them, and you will be a winning dancer in no time!
Make sure you always have the shoes you need, your hair is up off your face (in a bun or attached braid) and if you
have time, we strongly recommend that you warm up before class. This way, all of your class time will be concentrated
on making you a better dancer! Use the restroom, take a drink, work on your homework BEFORE class begins or AFTER
class is over. Once class starts, you should be ready to devote the entire time to learning. Put all of your possessions in
your dance bag and leave it in the student lounge or lobby. Your dance bag should be like your DANCE LOCKER. Pack it
with extra tights, all of your dance accessories, all of your dance shoes, extra hair supplies, Band-Aids, knee pads,
money for snacks and a WATER BOTTLE. Also pack a cover up for wearing home, a smack sewing kit and a towel. Be
prepared for anything and LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONE OUTSIDE!!!
The key to getting the most out of dance is to be a great listener. Learning to dance requires mental and physical
concentration so don’t speak out or begin conversations during class. When a teacher is talking, a teacher is
teaching. Of course, questions are welcome but pay close attention throughout class to make sure the teacher has not
already answered your question! Do not make comments in class. It is not appropriate to tell the teacher what you do
or don’t feel like doing, weather you like or dislike a step, what exercises you want to do or what music you want to
listen to. Keep socializing to before or after class, and during class stay focused on dance.
Dance is like magic. Once you learn the secrets, you can create an amazing illusion. In dance it’s not enough to copy
what the steps look like. You must understand the details of how a step is really created. This requires listening to and
watching your teacher. You never want to dance around or talk when a teacher is speaking or you might miss
something important! Copying movement will not help you become a better dancer, but understanding how to dance
correctly will help you look your best! Also, be careful of where you stand in class. Your teacher needs room to move in
every direction in order to demonstrate, so don’t stand too close; but don’t hug the wall either. Use ALL of the space in
that great big room to dance to your fullest potential.
Learning to dance requires trial and error. This means that you try things to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A
teacher’s job is to make sure you know how your trial and error is going. They let you know with a correction or
compliment. A correction is not a way for the teacher to prove you are wrong, but a way to help you become even
better. The proper response to a correction is not “I KNOW” or “I WAS DOING THAT.” A simple “Thank You” is always
TIP #6. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Always have respect for every class, every teacher, every student and every studio. Don’t enter a class in progress
without asking the teacher’s permission before class. If a teacher sends you into another room to get equipment, try to
slip in quietly. Even if you just want to watch another class, ask first. Often, a teacher will welcome you to sit inside
and watch! Respect each other. When experimenting with movement, accidents may happen. If you run into
someone when dancing, always say “excuse me.” In turn, if someone runs into you don’t give them the evil eye.
Respect other studios. If you are around town or at a competition and you see another student from a different
studio, smile at them and know that you are the same. You both share a love of dance! If another student makes a
comment about where you dance, IGNORE IT. The difference between you and a person like that is that you know how
to respect dance. This makes you a true dancer, so be proud!
Unlike things you learn only with your mind, dance must be learned with your BODY as well. You can only progress
when you jump in and start TRYING. Even the best teacher can’t help you improve if you won’t move. If you are
having trouble with something, ASK! If your teacher is busy, see if one of your peers can answer your question—but
make sure to do it when the teacher is not addressing the class so you won’t miss anything important. When asked to
demonstrate, give it a try! No teacher will ever ask you to demonstrate to ridicule you or make you feel awkward. It is
usually because you are doing something RIGHT or have something valuable to bring to the lesson.
The energy in a classroom s created by the people in it. Having pride in yourself and learning to control your body and
make it look its best are just a few of the benefits you get from dancing with energy. From the moment you enter the
room, have energy and keep moving! NEVER sit in class, lean against the walls or barres or let your energy drop with
inactivity. Those bad habits cause your muscles to cool down and your blood to stop circulating and then you might pull
a muscle!
Every rule is important, and respecting your studio, your teachers and your classmates by following these basic rules
makes this the best kind of school!
“No food or drinks allowed in dance studios. Food and drink are allowed in the lobby, the kitchen or out
front. NO GUM ON THE PROPERTY EVER. Pick up after yourself. Leave all studios clean: pick up Band-Aid
wrappers, bobby pins, soda cans and other garbage and THROW IT AWAY before you leave. Follow the
dress code and get you hair up in a neat fashion. Please out your dance bag and belongings in a cubby or
against the wall.”
TIP #10. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Just because there are rules, doesn’t mean a game is not fun! In dance everyone is a winner. Learning is fun, being
good at what you are learning is fun, even messing up can be fun, Remember, we all have the same goal: to make you
the best dancer you can be. ENJOY IT!

Fall class options for Team Kick.  Admission is by audition/invitation only

Team Classes
MINI TEAMS (A technical class is required as well as the Team class)
5:00pm           Advanced Mini Team                        Rumson

6PM               Teen Hip Hop                                  Rumson

4:00pm           Mini Team Jazz/Musical Theater  ages 5-9      Rumson (CLOSED)

4:00pm           Mini Team Hip Hop          ages 6-10                Fair Haven
5:00pm           Mini Team Jazz/Hip Hop   ages 5.5-9              Rumson



3:15pm          Pearl/Sapphire Leaps and Turns        Fair Haven

4:45pm          Ballet (Pearl)                                   Rumson
5:30pm          Jazz II (Pearl)                                  Rumson

3:20pm          Hip Hop (Pearl)                                Rumson
4:05pm          Pearl Jr Team                                   Rumson


10AM Technique for Team                                   Fair Haven

3:15pm        Pearl/Sapphire Leaps and Turns           Fair Haven
4:15pm        Advanced Sapphire/Emerald Cont      Rumson

4:00pm        Sapphire Ballet                                 Rumson
4:45pm        Sapphire Jazz                                   Rumson

4:15pm        Sapphire Ballet II/III                         Rumson
5:00pm        Sapphire Jazz III                               Rumson

3:20pm        Sapphire Hip Hop                               Rumson
4:05pm        Sapphire Team                                  Rumson


10AM Technique for Team                                   Fair Haven

3:30pm        Adv Emerald Hip Hop                         Rumson
4:15pm        Adv Sapphire/Emerald Contemporary  Fair Haven

4:00pm        Ballet 3                                            Rumson
4:45pm        Jazz 3                                              Rumson
5:30pm        Emerald KICK Line                             Rumson

3:30pm        Tap II/III                                          Rumson
4:15pm         Acro for Dancers III                          Rumson
4:30pm         Leaps and Turns                               Rumson
5:30pm        Adv Emerald/Ruby Ballet                    Rumson

3:20pm        Hip Hop                                           Rumson
4:05pm        Emerald Jr Team                              Rumson

10am        Team Technique                              Rumson

5:00pm        Musical Theater Jazz                         Rumson
5:45pm        Ballet                                              Rumson

5:45pm        Hip Hop IV                                       Rumson
6:30pm        Ballet Tech                                       Rumson


4:15pm        Acro for Dancers III               Rumson

5:30pm       Advanced Emer/Ruby Ballet              Rumson

5:30PM       Tap For Advanced Dancers or Advanced Tap    Rumson

5:30pm        Jazz Ballet MIx Ruby                         Fair Haven

6:30pm        Contemporary                                  Fair Haven

Thursday        Ruby Senior Team                           Rumson

10am        Team Technique                               Rumson

5:45pm        Ballet 1 TECH                                  Rumson
6:30pm        Jazz 1                                             Rumson
7:15pm        Hip Hop 1/2                                     Rumson

5:15pm        Ballet I Diamond                         Fair Haven
6:15pm        Diamond I Contemporary               Fair Haven

3:30pm        Leaps and Turns                               Rumson

5:30PM       Tap For Advanced Dancers or Advanced Tap    Rumson
6:30pm        Adv Broadway Jazz 1                        Rumson
7:30pm        Adv Ballet 1                                     Rumson

6:00pm         Diamond Sr Team                           Rumson

11am        Team Technique                             Rumson

5:00pm        Ballet 2/3                                        Rumson
6:15pm        Jazz 2/3                                          Rumson
7:15pm        Hip Hop 1/2                                     Rumson

5:30pm        Contemporary 2                               Rumson
6:30pm        Ballet 2                                           Rumson

3:30pm        Leaps and Turns                               Rumson

5:30PM       Tap For Advanced Dancers or Advanced Tap    Rumson
6:30pm        Adv Ballet 2                                     Rumson
7:30pm        Adv Jazz Fusion                      Rumson

6:00pm         Diamond Sr Team                           Rumson

11am        Team Technique                             Rumson

5:00pm        Ballet 2/3                                        Rumson
6:15pm        Jazz 2/3                                          Rumson

6:30pm        Diamond 3 Condition/Contemporary  Rumson
7:30pm        Ballet 3                                           Rumson

3:30pm        Leaps and Turns                               Rumson

5:30PM       Tap For Advanced Dancers or Advanced Tap    Rumson
6:30pm        Adv Ballet 2                                     Rumson
7:30pm        Adv Broadway Jazz 2                        Rumson

6:00pm         Diamond Sr Team                           Rumson
8:00pm         Hip Hop 3                                       Rumson

11am        Team Technique                             Rumson

Team camp dates



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