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Kick Dance Studios have built a reputation for excellence in dance instruction.

From your child's first class to their graduation performance, Kick has a class for everyone! We specialize in beginners of all ages and offer training through pre-professional levels. But, Kick is More Than Just Great Dancing™! Our dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community. Welcome, to Kick!

Kick offers a wide variety of dance, acro, and mommy and me classes for all ages and abilities. It is our goal to provide the highest quality training while developing a love for the arts. Classes are all instructed in a supportive, non competitive atmosphere. Our emphasis is placed on personal development and achieving goals.

Registration Information:

Kick offers a wide variety of dance, acting, and vocal classes, for all ages and abilities. It is our goal to provide the highest quality training while developing a love for the arts. Classes are all instructed in a supportive, non competitive atmosphere. Our emphasis is placed on personal development and achieving goals.

Dress Code

Appropriate dress is imperative to a young dancers success in class. Dancers MUST adhere to the dress code for class, or they will not be permitted to participate. Street clothes are NEVER acceptable for class. Please consult Vanessa at Kick before buying shoes, as certain shoe styles are NOT permitted. All required dancewear and shoes are available for a discount at Kick.
Young Dancers Classes (Star classes for ages 6 and under)
A leotard in any color and tights. Tutus and skirts are permitted. Dress up clothes and street clothes are not permitted. Pink Ballet shoes for Ballet (or Sampler, or Ballet /Jazz /Hip Hop Combo), Tan buckle style for Tap, and sneakers for Hip Hop
Ballet – A Black leotard (no layering) and tights in pink, black, tan, or white. (Dancers under 6 may also wear light blue or lavender) Pink ballet shoes with SEWN elastics are required. Legwarmers and skirts are acceptable. Shorts are not permitted in any ballet class at Kick. Please wear hair in a secure bun.
Jazz/Lyrical/Musical Theater/Team/Contemporary – A Black leotard and jazz pants or tights. Tan slip on Jazz boots required for Jazz and Musical Theater, Foot Undies for Lyrical/Contemporary (available at Kick) Shorts permitted with tights. Hair must be securely pulled back.
Hip Hop – A Black leotard and jazz pants or dance shorts with tights (Knee pads recommended for levels 4 and up) Black Dance sneakers are required for level 2 and up and are recommended for level 1. Hair must be securely pulled back.
Tap – A Black leotard and dance pants or tights. Tan Oxford shoes required for ages 10 and up, younger students may wear Mary Jane style. Skirts are allowed.Shorts permitted. Hair must be securely pulled back.
Acro – A leotard or biketard. Shorts and footless tights are permitted. No shoes please! Hair must be securely pulled back.

Young Dancers Program

The young dancers program at Kick is a developmentally appropriate program designed to give our young dancers the best start possible. Our curriculum is uniquely designed and age appropriate. Dancers learn technical dance skills in an engaging format designed to stimulate both mind and body. Positive reinforcement is utilized in every class. We strongly believe that dance is a performing art, and our end of the year recital is the perfect culmination for our wonderful year! Star dancers can look forward to a professional stage to showcase their new skills. Our recital is designed to be age appropriate and audience friendly! The confidence and positive reinforcement the dancers receive is beneficial in every aspect of their lives and builds a strong foundation for a positive self image.

What can I expect when I bring my young dancer to class?

Dancers should arrive a few minutes early to change from their street shoes. Parents should remain in the waiting area, and allow our skilled teachers to escort your child into the classroom. If you would like to remain at the studio and observe your child, our Rumson facility is the perfect location for you. If you prefer a drop off class, and some sneaky peaky spying though our windows, please choose a class at our Fair Haven location. (There is no waiting area in Fair Haven, and parents are kindly requested to restrict their observation in Fair Haven to 5 minutes at any given time. ) In order to keep the attention and focus of all our young dancers, the studio doors must remain closed during class.

What should my young dancer wear to class?

All of our Star dancers should come to class in a leotard and tights in your choice of colors. Ballet skirts and tutus are optional. Princess Ballerinas need pink Ballet slippers, tiny tappers wear tan tap shoes, and hip hop class participants have a choice of regular sneakers of hip hop shoes. All dance shoes are available at steep discounts at both of our locations. Discounted dancewear is also available. Dress up, bedroom slippers, and slipper socks are not appropriate for dance class.

Tiny Stars – ages 1.5 to 2.5

Our mommy and me dance class is a wonderful bonding experience that encourages musicality, gross and fine motor skill development, and dance specific skills. Scarves, balls, bean bags, and other props are part of the fun!
As two year olds develop trust with themselves and their teachers, the will become more relaxed and familiar with their environment. This will provide more opportunities for children to become more spontaneous and playful, where cognitive, language and social skills will be enhanced. Goals for this program include perceptual motor activities, marching, memory skills, and sequencing. Parents should be prepared to dance and interact with their child throughout the class at your childs level of readiness.

Twinkle Stars ages 2.5 to 4

Our twinkle stars classes are geared to stimulate both cognitive and physical development of young dancers. We teach classic ballet (or tap, jazz etc..) technique through imagery, pretend, and music. Benefits to this program include self esteem, creativity, gross and fine motor skills, flexibility, coordination, balance, cooperation and teamwork skills that last a lifetime. This age group is considered to be in the middle of the golden years of fantasy. We teach by using a lot of pretending!! Gross motor skills such as skipping, jumping, and galloping are taught at every class.

Princess Ballerina -Classic Ballet for the youngest dancers. Dancers learn the 5 positions, plies, tendus, pass, glissade, chasse, pas de chat, and more!

Bunny Hop – a hip hop style class just for little ones!

Dance Sampler – can't decide? This mix of Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop styles is perfect for your young dancer!

Creative Dance – A less traditional class that explores creative movement and structured dance.

Tiny Tap and Ballet – Dying for those tap shoes? This class alternates weeks of Tap and ballet – no mid class shoe changes! Build fast feet with toe and heel taps, shuffles, flaps, hopping and leaping!

Shining Stars ages 4-5

Our shining stars are ready for more structure and technical skill development! Shining star classes provide more substantial technique in a warm, caring and fun setting! We use proven methods to offer the most fulfilling experience to each dancer.
Hip Hop Jr. – A super high energy, Disney style Hip Hop dance class.
Boys only Hip Hop Jr. A super high energy, Disney style Hip Hop just for BOYS. The entire class is geared specifically to stimulate the interests of little boys – no princesses here! We teach with creative imagery using superheros, vehicles, animals, and more!
Princess Ballet II – The next level offering more technique and skills as well as an intro to classical music. More complex movements such as saute, and grand jete are introduced.
Tap/Ballet Combo – This class alternates weeks of Tap and ballet – no mid class shoe changes! Build fast feet with toe and heel taps, shuffles, flaps, hopping and leaping!

Superstars ages 5-6

Our Superstar classes are geared as a transition to a more traditional dance class format. Just like our pre professional classes, these classes all begin with a thorough warm up and stretch, technical skill building (done as a group rather than across the floor so dancers do not have the dreaded wait on line!) and combination work. Imagery, storytelling, and creative dance still take a part of each class, allowing for developmentally appropriate dance training.

Hip Hop I

A super high energy, Disney style Hip Hop
Ballet I – A classic RAD Ballet class taught in a more contemporary format. In addition to the ballet skills taught to our younger dancers, this age group will learn chaine turns, pique, developpe, and more!

Tap I

Advancing from our Shining Star tap, this class teaches more sophisticated choreography and technical tap skills in a super fun setting!
Jazz I – Technical dance skills are taught in a contemporary format. Our Jazz program teaches leaps, turns, kicks, and other large motor skills as well as musicality, creativity, and coordination. A special emphasis is palsied on developing flexibility and balance.
Musical Theater Dance – Broadway dance for kids!

Acro Program

Acro is a floor gymnastics class that incorporates tumbling and flexibility. Elements introduced and practiced include cartwheels, back bends and beginning chest stands. Students also learn proper stretching technique. More advanced students can expect to work on back walkovers, back handsprings and possibly aerials. All classes use a variety of mats as well as a tumble track to help our students learn in the most effective manner. All classes are led by certified gymnastics coaches.

Recreational Dance Program

Our recreational program offers high quality dance training for kids who choose to dance once or twice a week. These classes offer wonderful training in a non competitive setting. Most recreational classes will perform in the end of the year recital on June 3rd 2011 at Count Basie Theater.
Classes offered include

Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater dance, and more!

Pre Professional/Competitive Dance program
Live to dance? This is your program!!!

Team Kick dancers learn structure, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and good sportsmanship through dance. Platinum Award winning Team Kick start at ages 5-9 with our Mini Team, and progresses by age, ability, and commitment through the Junior and Senior levels.
Admission is by instructor invitation after observation in multiple classes. Auditions may be available.

Arts Adventures Kindergarten Enrichment

Kick is proud to offer a Kindergarten Enrichment program for both AM and PM Kindergarteners. Our program offers dance, art, and theater in an educational supportive environment. Pickup/drop off to Sickles School is provided.
AM Monday – Ballet and Art
AM Wednesday – Hip Hop and Craft/Cooking
PM Monday/Wednesday Fine Art, Theater, and Singing (add a dance class option)

New Classes Just for BOYS!!

Just like the title suggests, Kick is now offering classes for boys only! Hip Hop and tap combo. Three age group are offered for 3-5 year olds, 6 to 9 year olds, and 9 and up.

Tiny Dancers

A special class just for our youngest dancers! Tiny Dancers is the perfect introduction to dance just for kids ages 18 to 30 months. Our fun filled class features a blend of group and independent dance activities. We begin each class with stretches, plies, and releves. Parachute, bubbles, and scarf dancing are all part of the fun! (No recital!)
Team Kick
Kick is offering private auditions for new members to our Platinum award winning Team Kick. Contact us at 732.212.1322 for more information.


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