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Mommy and Me Classes

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Mommy and Me Classes

Our mommy and me dance class is a wonderful bonding experience that encourages musicality, gross and fine motor skill development, and dance specific skills. Scarves, balls, bean bags, and other props are part of the fun!

As two year olds develop trust with themselves and their teachers, the will become more relaxed and familiar with their environment. This will provide more opportunities for children to become more spontaneous and playful, where cognitive, language and social skills will be enhanced. Goals for this program include perceptual motor activities, marching, memory skills, and sequencing. Parents should be prepared to dance and interact with their child throughout the class at your child’s level of readiness.

Fall 2013-Spring 2014 Schedule
Tiny Stars IIA (Mommy and Me) Friday 10:45AM 18mo – 3yrs Fair Haven
Tiny Stars IIB (Independent class) Friday 11:30AM 2 – 3yrs Fair Haven

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