Young Dancers Star Program


Young Dancers Program

The young dancers program at Kick is a developmentally appropriate program designed to give our young dancers the best start possible. Our curriculum is uniquely designed and age appropriate. Dancers learn technical dance skills in an engaging format designed to stimulate both mind and body. Positive reinforcement is utilized in every class. We strongly believe that dance is a performing art, and our end of the year recital is the perfect culmination for our wonderful year! Star dancers can look forward to a professional stage to showcase their new skills. OUr recital is designed to be age appropriate and audience friendly! The confidence and positive reinforcement the dancers receive is beneficial in every aspect of their lives and builds a strong foundation for a positive self image.

Tiny Stars ages 1.5 to 2.5 or 3

Our mommy and me dance class is a wonderful bonding experience that encourages musicality, gross and fine motor skill development, and dance specific skills.  Scarves, balls, bean bags, and other props are part of the fun!
As two year olds develop trust with themselves and their teachers, the will become more relaxed and familiar with their environment.  This will provide more opportunities for children to become more spontaneous and playful, where cognitive, language and social skills will be enhanced.  Goals for this program include perceptual motor activities, marching, memory skills, and sequencing.  Parents should be prepared to dance and interact with their child throughout the class at your childs level of readiness.

Shooting Stars ages 2.5 or 3-4

Our shooting stars classes are geared to stimulate both cognitive and physical development of young dancers.  We teach classic ballet (or tap, jazz etc..) technique through imagery, pretend, and music.  Benefits to this program include self esteem, creativity, gross and fine motor skills, flexibility, coordination, balance, cooperation and teamwork skills that last a lifetime. This age group is considered to be in the middle of the golden years of fantasy.  We teach by using a lot of pretending!!  Gross motor skills such as skipping, jumping, and galloping are taught at every class.  

Shining Stars ages 4-5

Our shining stars are ready for more structure and technical skill development!  Shining star classes provide more substantial technique in a warm, caring and fun setting!  We use proven methods to offer the most fulfilling experience to each dancer.

Superstars ages 5-6

Our Superstar classes are geared as a transition to a more traditional dance class format.  Just like our pre-professional classes, these classes all begin with a thorough warm up and stretch, technical skill building (done as a group rather than across the floor so dancers do not have the dreaded wait on line!) and combination work.  Imagery, storytelling, and creative dance still take a part of each class, allowing for developmentally appropriate dance training.     

Fall 2013-Spring 2014 schedule

10:45AM            Tiny Stars IIA     18mo+           Fair Haven
11:30AM           Tiny Stars IIB     2 – 3            Fair Haven
Shooting STAR (AGES 2.5 – 4)
9:45AM           Dance Sampler                Rumson
10:30AM            Dance Sampler                Fair HavenThursday
12:30PM            Princess Ballet                Rumson
3:15PM            Princess Ballet                Fair HavenFriday
10:45AM            Princess Ballet                Fair HavenSaturday
9:45AM            Princess Ballet                RumsonSHINING STAR  (AGES 3.5 – 5)
12:15PM            Dance Sampler B                Rumson
3:15PM            Hip Hop Jr                          Rumson

4:14PM            Princess Dance Sampler    Fair HavenThursday
1:15PM            Princess Ballet                RumsonFriday
10:15AM           Ballet/Tap Combo                Rumson
12:15PM           Princess Ballet B                RumsonSaturday
9:00AM            Princess Ballet A                Rumson
SUPERSTAR    (Ages  4.5 – 7)
10:30AM            Ballet IA                    Fair Haven
1:45PM            Hip Hop I                    Fair Haven
3:45PM           Ballet/Hip Hop                RumsonTuesday
3:15PM            Hip Hop IB                    Rumson
4:00PM            Ballet/TAP combo IB            Rumson

10:30AM            Hip Hop IA                    Fair Haven

3:45PM            Ballet IIB                    Fair Haven
4:00PM            Ballet/Jazz combo                Fair Haven

1:30PM            Ballet/Tap Combo II                Rumson