Dance NEWS and Events!

Kick Dance Studios have built a reputation for excellence in dance instruction.

From your child’s first class to their graduation performance, Kick has a class for everyone! We specialize in beginners of all ages and offer training through pre-professional levels. But, Kick is More Than Just Great Dancing™! Our dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community. Welcome, to Kick!

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Multiple class discounts!
Take advantage of our discounted rates by signing up for more than one class. Discounts are per family. Discounts apply to dance, acting, vocal, and acro classes!!
2 classes per week 20% off
3 classes per week 25% off
4 classes per week 30% off
5 classes per week 35% off
6 or more classes per week take 40% off

Thursday September 25th Kick is open for all classes!
Saturday September 27th 12:30PM see Team Kick’s 2014/15 debut at Harvest Fest at Knollwood School in Fair Haven
October 1-17 Bring a Friend to dance weeks
October 24-November 1 – Wear a costume to dance week (Dance costume, dress up or halloween!!)
Friday October 31 All Kick classes cancelled for Halloween!  Have fun!

From September 22-October 3rd you are invited to a complimentary TRY IT Class!  Not just for new students!! Current students are welcome to try an additional class or two for free!  Try Acting, Singing, Acro (Gymnastics), Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Mommy and Me, Contemporary, and MORE!!

Try It Classes by age/style

Fall Acro Schedule

Fall Acro Schedule (all classes except Acro Jazz combo are held in Rumson)

Monday 1PM Tiny Tumblers ages 3-5

Monday 4:15-5PM Acro I

Monday 5-5:45PM Acro Jazz Combo ages 4.5 to 8 (Fair Haven)

Wednesday 3:30-4:15PM Acro II ages 6-10

Wednesday 4:15-5:15PM Acro for Emerald/Ruby level dancers ages 8 to 14

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Advanced Acro Skills ages 10 and up

Wednesday 7:15-8 Advanced Acro Skills ages 10 and up

Saturday 9:30AM Acro 1 ages 4.5 to 8

Saturday 10:30AM Acro 2 ages 8-12


MUSICAL THEATER VOCAL PERFORMANCE Mondays, 6:00-6:45 p.m., Ages 10-15

IMPROV FOR THE YOUNG TEEN ACTOR Mondays, 6:45-7:30 p.m., Ages 10-15

ACTING Jr. Tuesdays, 5:00 – 5:45 p.m., Ages 6 to 9

MUSICAL THEATRE VOCAL PERFORMANCE Tuesdays, 5:45-6:30 p.m., Ages 7-11

DANCE FOR THE YOUNG ACTOR Fridays 5:15-6:00 p.m., Ages 7-11

DANCE FOR THE YOUNG TEEN ACTOR Fridays, 6:00-6:45 p.m., Ages 11-17



10:15AM Tiny Stars IB 18 months + Rumson (Mommy and Me)

11:00AM Tiny Stars Moving on up (2-3) Rumson (Independent)
10:45AM Tiny Stars IA 18mo+ Fair Haven (Mommy and Me)
11:30AM Tiny Stars Moving on Up (2-3) Fair Haven (Independent)


9:45AM Dance Sampler Rumson

1PM    Tiny Tumblers     Rumson
10:30AM Dance Sampler Fair Haven

11:00AM Tiny Stars Moving on Up (independent)
12:30PM Dance Sampler Rumson
12:30PM Princess Ballet Rumson
3:15PM Frozen Friends Fair Haven
10:45AM Princess Ballet Fair Haven
11:30AM Tiny Stars Moving on Up Fair Haven
9:45AM Princess Ballet Rumson



1PM  Tiny Tumblers Rumson
10:30am Dance Sampler Fair Haven
12:15PM Dance Sampler B Rumson
4:15PM Princess Dance Sampler Fair Haven
12:30PM Dance Sampler Rumson
1:15PM Princess Ballet Rumson
3:15PM Frozen Friends Fair Haven
10:15AM Ballet/Tap Combo Rumson
12:15PM Princess Ballet B Rumson
9:00AM Princess Ballet A Rumson

SUPERSTAR (Ages 4.5 – 7)

1:45PM Hip Hop I Fair Haven

3:30 Frozen Friends Rumson
4:00PM Ballet/Hip Hop Fair Haven

4;15 Acro I  ages 4-8    Rumson
3:15PM Hip Hop IB Rumson
3:45PMPrincess Frozen Ballet Fair Haven

5PM Acting Junior ages 5-8 Fair Haven
1:45PM Ballet 1A Fair Haven
3:30PM Ballet/Tap Rumson
4:15PM Ballet Tap Combo Rumson
4:00PM Frozen Friends 2 Fair Haven
9:30AM Acro 1 Rumson
10:30AM Ballet/Hip Hop Combo Rumson

Classes for ages 5 to 10

3:30PM Ballet 1/2 ages 6-9 Rumson

3:30 Frozen Friends Rumson
3:15PM Ballet 1/2 ages 5-9 Fair Haven
4:00PM Ballet/Hip Hop ages 5-7 Fair Haven
4:15PM Acro 1 ages 5-8 Rumson
5:00PM Jazz/Acro Combo ages 5-9 Rumson
3:00PM Tap/Jazz ages 5-8 Fair Haven
3:15PM Jazz IA ages 5-9 Rumson

4:15 Princess Frozen Ballet  Fair Haven

3:15PM Hip Hop ages 6-10 Fair Haven
3:30PM Acro II ages 6-10 Rumson
4:15 PM Hip Hop II ages 5 to 9 Rumson
5PM Hip Hop II/III Ages 6-10 Fair Haven
5:45PM Jazz I ages 5.5-9 Rumson
3:15 Ballet I ages 5 to 8 Fair Haven

3:15PM Musical Theater ages 6-10 Fair Haven
4:15PM Ballet/HH Combo ages 5-8 Rumson  NEW SECTION JUST ADDDED!!
9:30AM Acro I ages 4.5-8 Rumson
10:30AM Ballet/HH Combo ages 5-8 Rumson

Classes for ages 7-14

4:00PM Hip Hop ages 7-12 Fair Haven
4:15PM Hip Hop ages 8-11 Rumson

4:15PM Jazz/II/III ages 8-11 Rumson
5:00PM Jazz/Acro combo ages 5-9 Fair Haven
5:00PM Ballet II/II ages 7-12 Fair Haven

4:30PM Hip Hop II/IIIA ages 7-12 Fair Haven
5:15PM Beginner/Int Contemporary ages 8-13 Fair Haven
3:30PM Acro 2 ages 6 to 10 Rumson
4:15 PM Hip Hop II ages 5 to 9 Rumson
5:45PM Jazz I ages 5.5-9 Rumson

6:30PM Triple Threat ages 7-13 Rumson

6:30PM Teen Jazz/Contemporary  ages 11 and up Rumson

10:30AM Acro II ages 8-12 Rumson

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